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The Foundation of Inner ReconciliationTM

It all starts with this simple but surprising practice of allowing

It has been called by different names but the practice of Allowing is fundamental to all practices, whether they be personal, professional or spiritual in nature.

This ancient practice of watching, observing and accepting is the path for discovering who you are and what you are capable of. But more important than that, it actually opens the door to the one thing we all yearn for more than anything else. To be loved and accepted just as we are.

To do that you must start by Allowing yourself to feel what you are feeling, think what you are thinking and experience what you are experiencing. Without judgement, criticism or any intention to fix it or change it in any way.

Sound like a tall order? Actually it would impossible were it not for one remarkable fact. Allowing is your real nature!


The full course includes

  • Volume 1: Body Awareness
  • Volume 2: Undivided Attention
  • Volume 3: Intentional Triggering
  • Volume 4: Intentionless Being
  • Volume 5: The Light at the Center (NEW)
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2Volume 1: Body Awareness
3Volume 2: Undivided Attention
4Volume 3: Intentional Triggering
5Volume 4: Intentionless Being
6Volume 5: Light At the Center
7Creating Your Own Exercises

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