In this section I will answer with video or audio any questions that are posed by people taking the course.

You can send any questions to IRL1@masterheartinstitute.com.

Just a couple of things:

  • If the question is really private and you don’t want me to make a video, just say so and I will answer you privately.
  • If you want to be anonymous, but it is OK for me to make my answer available to your classmates, just ask for your name to be withheld and I will honor that as well
  • I may make some of these answer public (like on YouTube) if I have the feeling that it might help many more people out there or help promote Inner Reconciliation
  • I will honor anonymity there as well

So ask away!

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Teleportation Pain


[accessally_tab_header]I Just Don’t Know[/accessally_tab_header]

I Just Don’t Know

[accessally_tab_header]Trusting Instincts[/accessally_tab_header]

Trusting Instincts


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