The Visionary

Assignment – Feed the Dreamer

For the next several days I want you to feed  the Visionary.

Write down everything you would like to see in your life. It is highly useful (and recommended) that you carry around a little notebook and write it down. If that isn’t practical then make a voice memo or typed memo on your phone.

If you note it in some way you acknowledge the moment of wanting and give it importance so it is not just a fleeting thought. it becomes a preferred thought and that has attractive power. And then, if you have the time, take a couple of minutes and imagine yourself with that thing. Imagine how that would feel.

This amplifies it even further.

First Thing In the Morning

What do I want my day to be like?

What qualities do I want to experience an abundance of today?

If you can’t think of anything, or you feel stuck or shutdown here is the simplest affirmation you can use:

I am choosing to be happy above all else.

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