The Tribe

Imagine everything you know, everything you regard as absolute truth, everything that identifies you as a part of your tidal family, was information that was downloaded into you, when you had no choice but to accept it.

It was literally programmed into your psyche and nervous system, without any objection or disagreement from you.

And you didn’t even know it was happening.

In the beginning we are the tribe

You begin as little more than an outgrowth of your mother’s body and it will be years before you can even survive, let alone thrive as an independent human being.

To make sure that you reach adulthood is the sacred responsibility of the tribe. As wonderful and as noble as that sounds, the Tribe will do anything to guarantee that that happens.

It has no interest in your personal happiness, only your safety.

Assignment – Befriending the Tribe

Whenever the energy of desire meets with doubt or resistance, stop and engage with the doubt.

Ask the question “What is threatening about this?” or “What are you protecting me from?” and then let it answer.

Do not argue with it or try to get it to change its mind. Simply listen to it. Want to hear what it has to say.

Remember that its job is safety and the more it has access to you to communicate the possibility of danger, and the more you are willing to listen, the more safe it feels.

So let the question “What are you trying to tell me?” become a mantra.

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