Undivided Attention

The Inner Meets the Outer

In our normal, everyday life, we are so distracted. So much is demanded of us. So much information bombards us. We don’t really have much time for inner exploration.

What would life be like if you were to be able to be in the world, engaged and fully functional and at the same time be centered, completely aware of your internal world.

That is exactly what this volume does.

The purpose of a meditative or contemplative practice is not to stay in that state but to change your fundamental relationship with your life. So life no longer demands from you, it cooperates with you… and you with it.

To achieve this rarefied state requires a significant but subtle shift in your normal field of attention.

Through a series of exercise, where you are both allowing and acting at the same time, you will be guided to be 2 places at once, both internally and externally engaged.

You will eventually find that the boundary between the two dissolves and there is just one enormous field of attention, and that that field is your natural state.


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Exercises and Teaching

2Exercise 1
3Teaching 1
4Exercise 2
5Teaching 2
6Exercise 3
7Teaching 3
8Exercise 4
9Teaching 4

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