Tap… Tap… Tap…

tapppOK let’s do it now.

In this section I am going to do EFT, in the MasterHEART way, on a wide varied of common issues.

I will be going for the big issues here: not being enough, not being lovable, not having value and the such like.

In a video series like this, being general is necessary. But don’t let the generality fool you.

Energy is very adept at finding that which needs healing and freeing. So I urge you. If something in specific comes up, pause the video and follow that energy where it may lead.

I assure you it will be worth the detour.

For those of you who prefer to listen rather than watch or do both you can download the entire Section as a zip file, which you can then load onto your mp3 player or smartphone. This audio is the same content as in the video above

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