Why This Works

Autism_spectrum_infinity_awareness_symbol.svgAs I said in the previous section. We don’t know what energy is but we do know what it does.

Like running electricity through different wires makes it do different things, we can control the flow and focus of energy.

But there is something much more personal and intimate when it comes to energy healing. I mean, this is about alleviating suffering. Not merely pondering the meaning of energy.

In this section I give two different views of why this EFT stuff works. Neither is the complete truth but both give you a useful perspective. And also arm you with different ways of explaining it yourself, if and when you are called upon to do so.

For those of you who prefer to listen rather than watch or do both you can download the entire Section as a zip file, which you can then load onto your mp3 player or smartphone. This audio is the same content as in the video above

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