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Forget Everything You Know

“You can’t add anything to a cup that is already full.” – Old Zen saying


The Chakras have been around for a long time. You have seen them all over the place. They are very popular on new age posters and there are millions of searches a month on Google. Pretty much everybody knows what they are, where they are located and what they look like.

But……. tell me. In all that you have heard about them or learned about them, did that actually make any significant difference in your life?

HH-OverviewProbably not.

So, if they are going to be of any value to us in our modern world, we need to have a completely different understanding of them.

It is exactly that new understanding that I am presenting in this course.

This is not a class that will hand out more information about the Chakras. You already have plenty of that. In fact, I dare say, your cup is quite full.

So let us empty ourselves of all such “knowledge” and, instead, have a direct experience of these innate, natural centers of intelligence, centers of consciousness, centers of power!

It’s All About Experience


You didn’t learn to walk by reading about walking. You just walked.

Nor did you “understand” that you know how to walk because you got a degree, or someone confirmed it, or you won an award. You were walking and you KNEW you were walking. It was self-confirming.

This is the nature of all true knowledge.

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