Chakra Archetypes and Function


The Alignment of the Chakras

The first thing you undoubtedly noticed when you see the diagram for this course is that I arrange the Chakras in a triangle.

I actually borrowed that arrangement from the famous expert on mythology Joseph Campbell.

It illustrates an extremely important point that he made which I totally agree with (obviously).

Instead of lining them up on the body, he made the 1st Chakra (The Root) the left base of the triangle, the 7th Chakra (The Crown) the right base and at the apex he put the 4th Chakra (The Heart).

Since we have all gotten so used to the Chakras, they have really become kind of New Age noise at this point, I thought they needed an upgrade. Something to breathe new life into them

 The Chakras and Their Archetypes


The Tribe
1ST Chakra – Physicality, Survival

The 1st Chakra is everything physical.

It is the entire physical universe.

It is felt all throughout your lower torso, but it can actually be felt anywhere. It is also your connection to the entire physical universe.

Vows in the 1st Chakra are always about safety, and it is the most powerful voice in the system because it carries the authority of life and death.


The Nymph
2ND Chakra – Desire & Preference

The 2nd Chakra is the seat of pleasure, desire, sex, dancing and money.

It is where you will either have your needs met or deny them. You feel it in around your navel or the lower Dan Tian. Vows in the 2nd Chakra are usually about it not being OK that you needs get met, even that natural human needs are sinful.

You will have a hard time asking for help and allowing good things to come to you.



The Storyteller
3RD Chakra – Personal Me, Small ’s’ Self

The 3rd Chakra is the “I”, the ego, the small ’s’ self. It the sense of who I am as a person as opposed to who I am as a divine being. You feel this in your solar plexus, the “gut feeling.”

Vows here are all about who you need to be, who you will be and judgment of anyone who is not like you or your tribe.





The Voice
5TH Chakra – Communication & Self-Expression

The 5th Chakra is our voice in the world. It is where we tell the truth of who we are or lie about who we are. It is felt throughout the upper torso, shoulders, neck and even arms.

Vows here reflect a desire to be protected by being invisible, unseen, even if that means lying about who you are, hiding your gifts or not even admitting that you have them.




The Visionary
6TH Chakra – Creativity and Vision

The 6th Chakra is the seat of vision, of what is possible. When this is shut down our vision is small, it is limited to the known. In extreme cases we can’t even dream. You will feel a vow here as tension and pain, mostly in the forehead area, maybe even a furled brow. The vows revolve around being “realistic” not hoping for too much, feeling safe in repetition and




The Sage
7TH Chakra – Divinity and Spirituality

The 7th Chakra is our connection to the divine. Located at the top of the head you will detect a vow as a headache, a tension or even irritation.

7th Chakra vows tend to revolve around a lack of trust in divinity, in the benevolence of the universe, and can even result in prejudice and fundamentalism.

There is a subtle doubt that lurks in the background.

The Division of Function

Part 1: The Human Instrument

Which consists of the first three energy centers

  • The Tribe
  • The Nymph
  • The Soryteller

Why the Human Instrument?

Imagine a piano player…

Without a piano.

Can’t do it can you?

The two go hand in hand but they are not at all the same. The pianist is the source of the inspiration, the touch, the intelligence. The piano gives expression to the song in the heart of the pianist.


If the instrument is broken, out of tune, warped or in any way damaged, the song doesn’t sound very good. If it is really in disrepair, the song may be unrecognizable. No matter how good the pianist is the song will sound horrible, if it sounds at all.


The first 3 Power Centers are the instrument and no instrument plays itself.
The reason your life isn’t working like a concert from a master musician:
  • Is NOT because you are a mess or somehow defective
  • Is NOT because you don’t have anything to offer or contribute
  • Is NOT because you have no purpose or vision or value

It is happening because the instrument is terribly out of tune.




Part 2: The Power of Expression

Which consists of the last three energy centers

  • The Voice
  • The Visionary
  • The Sage

How do you envision a pianist without a piano?

They are inseparable.


The Piano does not play itself. It has no voice of it’s own.

Words come out of your mouth but they don’t originate there.

Here in the Power Centers of Expression is where all of what is expressed in the instrument, originates.


Chakra Archetypes Explained


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