Chakra 7: The Sage

The Great Wisdom
The Wise One, Elderhood, Reality, Divinity, What Is


Wisdom transcends knowledge

If there is one thing that is missing from our modern world, it is wisdom.

It is so misunderstood that we actually think that knowledge or skill or cleverness is wisdom. it isn’t.

It is also mistake for the mere collection of relative knowledge. This has led to narrowness, pettiness, factionalism, ideology and all sorts of illnesses of the mind.


Wisdom is almost impossible to describe in words, because it goes way beyond words.It uses words but is never lost in them. It uses told but never itself becomes a tool. it outlines and defines everything but it itself is never outlined or defines.

Wisdom is unattainable. And so, it is really quite fortunate that you do not need to attain it. It too was built into you from the beginning.

To awaken the power center of Wisdom, to truly become The Sage is to know all things, love all things, be all things, we stand on the very threshold of eternity and walk the streets of heaven.

Chakra 7

The 7th Chakra is our connection to the divine. Located at the top of the head you will detect a vow as a headache, a tension or even irritation. 7th Chakra vows tend to revolve around a lack of trust in divinity, in the benevolence of the universe, and can even result in prejudice and fundamentalism. There is a subtle doubt that lurks in the

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