Chakra 6: The Visionary

The Potential for Everything
The Seer, Vision, Possibility, What Can Be, Leadership


The 3rd eye is really your only eye

Stop for a moment and ponder the wondrous fact, that we are able to see what is yet to be.

We can see what can be, rather than merely what is. We have the opportunity, innate within us, to create what is yet to be created.

This is the great channel of all creativity. It is where the first inklings of a whole new world (both your personal world and the outer world) gets envisioned.

What a power we posses, this power of vision


Although greatly maligned in spiritual circles there is another word for this power center. It is called The Mind.

But I do not mean the narrow, egoic, defensive mind. I mean the Big Mind, the Divine Mind, the Pure Mind, the Mind that is synonymous with T
he Universe, or, if you prefer, God.

The 6th Chakra is the seat of vision, of what is possible. When this is shut down our vision is small, it is limited to the known. In extreme cases we can’t even dream.
being “realistic” not hoping for too much, feeling safe in repetition and sameness.

You will feel a vow here as tension and pain, mostly in the forehead area, maybe even a furled brow. The vows revolve around


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