Chakra 2: The Nymph

The Indulgence Reconciler
Desire, Preference, Sex, Power & Money



As much as The Tribe is concerned about safety and nothing else, The Nymph is completely absorbed in the fun and pleasure of life.

It has not regard or interest in safety, caution, perpetuity or postponing pleasure. The Nymph is pure indulgence with no sense of the consequences whatsoever.

I know, that even me mentioning that will cause a ripple of judgement and resistance to run through your system.



That resistance is The Tribe and reconciling the energy of “safety above all else” and “pleasure without consequence” is the reason you are in this course.

The Nymph is the seat of pleasure, desire, sex, dancing and money. It is where you will either have your needs met or deny them.

You feel it in around your navel or the lower Dan Tian. Vows in the 2nd Chakra are usually about it not being OK that you needs get met, even that natural human needs are sinful.

A vow in the Nymph will mean that you will have a hard time asking for help and allowing good things to come to you.

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