The Harmonious Human

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The Power Centers of Life – The Archetypes of Eternity


Knowing yourself is, without a doubt the most important thing a human being can do.

More than just a luxury, that you engage in at some distant point of your life “when you have time”, I regard it as the only inquiry worthy of the human.

And it is the only way to evolve into the Harmonious Human.

This course is is such an exploration.

The end result of self-knowledge is nothing less than:

  • A profound peace
  • The end of all inner conflict
  • The end of the self-help treadmill
  • The ultimate homecoming

To understand the Harmonious Human is come to accept yourself, exactly as you are. And, even more importantly, to find that there was never anything about you ever that wasn’t lovable, valuable and full of life.

Harmony has, in fact, been your reality forever.

To study the Chakras is to study yourself

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