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To truly immerse one’s self in the truth of your being and to integrate that truth so it becomes the natural way of living, acting, choosing and knowing, requires constant exposure.

This isn’t burdensome. It is totally enjoyable. There is actually no end to the awakening. The potential for self-discovery is endless because the truth of being is infinite and limitless.

It is the great paradox. Every moment complete and whole and yet constantly transforming into something new and equally beautiful.

I deeply desire for you to solidify all that you have learned in this course, and in fact, everything you have gained in your spiritual journey so far. To that end I have created a complete video training series for Inner Reconciliation. The links to register and continue this journey together is below.

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Inner Reconciliation Level 1
The Miracle of Intentional Manifestation
A Revolutionary Approach To Emotional and Energy Healing and Spiritual Awakening

Over 40 years ago I had an extraordinary experience that showed me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are not broken. In fact, you have never lost that essential, original innocence and beauty that was there before any conditioned patterns and programmed response were put in place.

Inner Reconciliation is the only modality I know of that starts from the premise that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. And then proves it through experience and insight!

I can honestly say this is the most life-changing course I’ve encountered

“OK I’ve got through Level 1, took my time and watched every vid 3, 4, even 5 times – which I think is important, you pick up more each time.

I can honestly say this is the most life-changing course I’ve encountered – you’re a genius GP. And the most amazing thing is that every time I understand what your saying I think to myself “I knew this deep down” or, it just feels so right you know it’s right.

And YES I’m feeling awesome at the moment… thank you so much GP.” ~ Stewart Lawson – Ulverston, England

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