Introduction to the Immersion!

We all start as undifferentiated consciousness. That is, there is no sense of me or you or things or places. It is just an endless flow of sensations that have yet to solidify into forms and perceptions and objects of mind.

But the childhood state, while beautiful and full of wonder, is not the awakened state. To know yourself as you really are, we have to first come out from that world of the formless into the world of form.

In the process of doing that the sense of being a separate self inevitably arises and the same consciousness, which was once free and expressive, get locked within a self perception. A perception is the no true. This is the delusion.

But take heart. You have already seen that it IS a delusion so guess what? That means you have already taken a step out of it and this is what is known as the awakening.

Introduction to Delusion and Awakening
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