From Delusion to Awakening Total Immersion

Welcome to the Immersion!!

It was truly a great honor and pleasure creating this unique course and being able to guide so many people through this most amazing and liberating exploration.

This is a subject of infinite depth. My deepest hope is that, by the time you have completed this course, it will have instilled within you a taste of freedom and a hunger for more.

You can download the class outline and images below the video. So don’t miss them!

Welcome & Introduction
Visual Downloads

As I mentioned in the class here are the diagrams for you to can download.

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From Delusion To Awakening – Course Outline

Delusion to Awakening Class Outline.001This 9 page PDF outlines all the key subjects we are going to cover in the course. Both the Immersion course and also the Introductory class that preceded it.

During the class, GP does his best to cover all the material as it is outlined. But he is a master of “going with the flow” and following the energy and needs of the students. So the actual course content in the videos and audios may vary from what is outlined here.

You can consider this outline a guide for you for further inquiry. if something catches your attention pursue it. Or write an email go GP at and he will do his best to answer it.

Diagram 1: Inner Reconciliation and the Spiritual Path

Delusion to Awakening Infographic

This diagram outlines the various stages of growth that typify the awakening process.

This is, of course, not set in stone. It is not a course of study that you go through and end up a Bodhisattva on the other side. It is a very natural and organic process that happens to you. It is not really something you do.

Diagram 2: Inner Reconciliation a Twofold Path

Tantra and Vendanta Infographic

The key to genuine awakening and a full integration of the awakening into your everyday human life is a result of the beautiful flow of the energy of opposites.

Suffering is caused when we get stuck. Stuck in some position that judges and excludes all other positions.

Life is experienced at its fullness in its natural flow between dark and light, masculine and feminine, wisdom and compassion.

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